6 November 2009

Guitar Soloing Tips

Today I'm sharing a great post I came across that shows you how to make an amazing improvement to your guitar solos. In his article and video demonstration, brought to us by Guitar Noise, Tom Hess explains how to improve your phrasing and melody to make better guitar solos. In Hess' words...

"There are lots of ways to make guitar solos. Most guitarists focus on ‘what to play’ versus ‘how to play things’. Fact is, the nuances of phrasing (’how’ the notes are played) often matter MORE than the notes we actually play."
The article and its accompanying video show you three specific techniques you can apply today to pack more emotion and nuance into your playing. You'll also learn a valuable practice approach to develop your phrasing and feeling further.

Enjoy the tips... And why not come back and leave a comment to let us know how you got on with them... How to Make a Great Guitar Solo.

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