11 November 2009

Line 6 BackTrack: Record Your Guitar Practice

A short while back I wrote about 8 Reasons Why You Should Record Your Guitar Practice which showed the benefits of recording your practice sessions. I recently came across the Line 6 BackTrack portable recorder which is an ideal tool for this. The BackTrack makes it easy to record your entire session and mark important points to review and keep at the touch of a button.

"Inspiration is spontaneous, and BackTrack(tm) is your guitar’s instant replay button. Easy to use, BackTrack captures everything you play without ever hitting record.

Always on, BackTrack begins recording as soon as it detects a signal through the sensitive mic or the quiet 1/4-inch input. Just set it and forget it for total inspiration control.

Pressing the “Mark” button designates what you just played as special and separates it for easy review. The Forward and Reverse buttons provide instant recall of marked and non-marked ideas."
The BackTrack includes 2GB flash memory that offers up to 24 hours recording time and 8 hours battery life. This should be plenty for most practice sessions, and the unit includes a USB interface so you can easily transfer the audio to your computer for storage or editing.

The Line 6 BackTrack comes in two versions with 1/4" jack only at $88.00 (£58.05) or with both the jack and a built-in microphone for acoustic recording at $149.99 (£98.00).

Mark your good parts to keep a record of the new things you've learned. Mark your weak points to help you work on them and improve. The Line 6 BackTrack is an ideal practice companion that should help you to easily record and store your guitar progress.

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