23 December 2009

Announcing Blues Guitar Fun

Today's post announces the creation of my new site Blues Guitar Fun. This site aims to help us time pressed guitar hobbyists learn to play blues guitar.

Blues Guitar Fun shares experiences, tips, lessons, news and reviews to help make learning blues guitar easier and more fun. In the near future there will also be some special resources to help blues guitar learners play better blues guitar.

Why a blues guitar site?
Why create a dedicated blues guitar site? Not Playing Guitar has grown and it it becomes harder to make the most useful information easy for you to find. By moving out one major topic to its own dedicated site I hope to make it easier for readers to get the information most relevant to them.

Blues guitar lessons are some of the most popular posts on this site and playing blues guitar also happens to be my own favourite style. So it seems natural to choose this topic for a new dedicated site.

Not Playing Guitar will continue to include posts on blues guitar, but its main focus will be tips to get the most out of your practice time and general lessons for beginner guitarists.

So if you're really interested in learning blues guitar then Blues Guitar Fun is the place for you to hang out. The new site will be getting more content as well as a new design to make it more welcoming in the new year.

I'll provide updates here when significant new things are up on Blues Guitar Fun, so don't forget to sign up for the free RSS feed if you don't want to miss them.

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