14 December 2009

Guitar Buying: Strat or Les Paul?

Spend any time on guitar forums and you'll discover that choosing the right guitar to play is high up on the list of many guitarists preoccupations. But here's a video that demonstrates that maybe this is not such an important question.

And I couldn't put it any better than one commenter on this video comparing a Stratocaster and a Les Paul already did,

"awesome playing, really nice blues feel, congrats! you actually made me forget to compare the guitars, I was just enjoying the music"

Stratocaster or Les Paul? So many decisions and so little time... But maybe the real question is simply "How do I play guitar better?"...

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Bob Sutherby said...

The Les Paul with it's double humbuckers is great for rock. The Strat is more versatile, you see it in nearly every popular style. My vote goes for the Strat. Save the LP for when you really want to rock out.

Anonymous said...

Best comment I ever heard on this subject was by Stevie Ray Vaughan. When asked about the difference between Fender and Gibson guitars, Stevie said, "When you drop Gibson guitars, they break."

A Strat is going to be cheaper, and will take a lot (a LOT) of abuse and keep playing.

Strat, no question. You can always put a humbucker in it if you want it to sound like a Gibson.

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to share your opinions.

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