22 December 2009

Guitarists Christmas Stocking

Are you still desperately searching for a Christmas gift for a guitar player? Here's a neat idea for christmas that should please guitar players fed up of socks under the tree. UK guitar company JHS has come up with the Guitarist's Christmas Stocking.

The stocking contains a selection of accessories that are indespensable to any guitar player. Strings, a capo, a tuner, a slide, a guitar strap and a guitar lead. All the accessories are from well-known names such as Dunlop, Kyser, Qwik Tune and Guitar Tech.

If you're looking for a gift to please a guitarist this Christmas the Guitarist's Christmas Stocking could be just the treat you need. The stocking sells for GB £49.99, visit www.jhs.co.uk or your local guitar shop for more information.

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