4 January 2010

Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson: Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Today's video lesson shows you how to play the Van Morrison song Brown Eyed Girl. You'll learn how to play the instantly recognizable intro lick that uses the technique of playing sixths intervals. Sixth intervals are widely used to create interesting rhythm guitar riffs and can also be used in solos.

The song is not too difficult for a beginner guitarist, it uses only four open chords, G, C, D qnd Em. If you know these chords then give it a try and do your best on the intro lick.

The sixths positions you learn with this video are an invaluable addition to your bag of rhythm guitar playing tricks. They crop up in all kinds of places and give a nice alternative to simply playing chords.

Have a go at the song and enjoy playing those sixths. Once you know how they're done listen out for other songs that use them, one example is the intro is Sam and Dave's Soul Man.

Thanks to Marty Schwartz for this well presented lesson.

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Anonymous said...

Friend: You're making the intro too difficult as far as movement up & down the neck. Sixths are correct, but start at d/b strings at 8/9 frets/10 fret/12 fret. Then move it up to g/e strings...same fret progression.
You can then build off of these frets/strings for other fills throughout the song.

Gary Fletcher said...

@Anonymous, yeah, that would work too. Thanks for sharing.

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