25 February 2010

Beginner Guitar Lessons - Acoustic Tricks

Some cool ideas to spice up your acoustic guitar playing. Add these tricks to beginner open guitar chords and sound really great!

Thanks to Marty Schwartz for sharing another great guitar lesson with us.

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Peter said...

Hi Marty,
great lesson, very useful. Seems I have a lot to practice.


B Coburn said...

These are amazing tips and have opened up a whole new world for me on the guitar. I am teaching myself and am a beginner yet having played about six months. I learned the g pent scale from the book but didn't know what to do with it once I learned it! They just kind of left me hanging. Thanks for showing these great tips on your site-excellent find and I have learned so much from this page.

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Peter, B, thanks for your comments. Peter, I'm not Marty, just sharing his excellent guitar lesson here on the site. Be sure to follow the link on his name to see more of his entertaining lessons at his site.

There's a lot to learn in this lesson. If you feel overwhelmed then remember you don't have to do it all at once. Take just one move, a few notes and work with them until you feel ready to move on.


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