1 February 2010

Two Chord Song - Paperback Writer by The Beatles

It's been a little while since I shared one of the popular two chord guitar songs that so many readers enjoy. But today we're going to fix this with a classic song from The Beatles. Yes, even a group as accomplished as the Beatles created and played two chord songs.

Paperback Writer was the Beatle's eleventh single in 1966 and went to number one in several countries. The verse remains on a single G7 chord until the end before finishing with a C.

According to Wikipedia's page on the song Paul McCartney aimed to create a song with a melody backed by only a single chord and just missed this goal with Paperback Writer. He may have missed his goal but he still left us a lively and dynamic two chord song for beginner guitar players to enjoy.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

In A440 tuning I get F# and B. Did they tune different for this one?

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