11 March 2010

Guitar Strumming: Solve Timing and Rhythm Problems

Do you have difficulty learning to play guitar strumming rhythms? If you do then this lesson on solving timing and rhythm problems from Guitar Noise will show you that the problem might not be your strumming hand:

"Students of the guitar in their first year of learning often complain that they can’t “seem to get a good strumming rhythm going.” They will inevitably attribute this to there being something wrong with their right hand action. They ask for advice about strumming patterns, pick grips, finger style patterns and so on, but all the time, what is really wrong with their right hand … is their left hand!"
Read the lesson to learn some interesting techniques to practice chord changes until they are smooth and don't get in the way of your strumming rhythms.

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Learning guitar scales said...

Time and rhythm is one of the hardest things for beginners, i think that the best practice to make your time and rhythm perfect is with a metronome, with time you'll develop a great sense of timing without even knowing, thanks.

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