31 March 2010

Learn Guitar - Do You Want To Quit?

Have you ever given up playing guitar? Or have you at least thought about it sometimes? Here's a story that will show you two things. First, that you're not alone - this happens to a lot of us guitar players as we battle with the many frustrations along the path to learn guitar. Second, there is a sure fire method to beat the urge to quit and keep your motivation to learn and play come what may.

Let's start with the story of Josh, a guitar player who tells the story of how he gave up playing for over 7 years in the post Why I Quit Playing Guitar:

"In 1992 I quit playing guitar. I was so frustrated with my playing and not being able to pull off what I wanted to play that I thought it better to just hang it up for good and find another hobby. Anything had to be better than picking up the guitar for five minutes, being thoroughly disgusted, and putting it back in the closet."

See, I told you you're not alone.

But why did Josh quit? According to his story, it was John Pettrucci's fault:
"For a long time I blamed Dream Theater’s guitarist John Petrucci for making me quit. Yes, that’s right, I said MADE."

And in a way, it was. But you'll have to read Josh's post to find out why, and learn why he started to play again 8 years later.

The end of Josh's story will show you the sure fire method that will maintain your motivation and ensure you don't quit when things don't quite seem to be going how you want. I think the moral of the story is that in "play guitar" the important bit is "play". Keep this in mind and you can avoid wasting eight years not playing guitar... ;-)

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Tal Fighel said...

Just like anything in life, it does take time to learn and master the guitar.

For some, it may take them a few weeks and others, it may take them a little longer.

What ever you do, don't give up. Keep learning and take your time. This is the best advice I can give those who are on the verge of giving up.


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