24 March 2010

Learn Guitar - The Progress Trap

Have you ever noticed how much guitar learners always worry about progress? It seems we are just never satisfied with our current level of playing. There's always some problem, some new thing to reach for, something wrong, some better piece of equipment, moan, moan, moan...

But here's a nugget of wisdom recently shared by Arlen Roth that could help us all stop wishing so much and just enjoy what we have right here and now,

"There is so much involved with your progress as a player over the course of your life, but one thing is for sure: it never ends. There is no question that we have peaks and valleys along the way, as I have too, but overall, we never really get worse, only better. I also feel that in your early days of development and learning, it’s so important to do the best with what you’ve got. This means you must not be frustrated, rather, you must try to make as much music with what you know at the time, no matter how limited you may think it is!"
I think I'll pin this one up so I remember to keep enjoying what I can do now and let time help me learn better guitar. Don't obsess about progress and get down about what you can't do (yet). Instead do what you can today, keep learning and enjoy yourself.

Read Arlen's full post Progressing as a Player.

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