16 April 2010

Acoustic Guitar Song - Wake Me Up When September Ends

Here's a video lesson showing a fun song to play on acoustic guitar. Greenday's Wake Me Up When September Ends is a great rock song and presents some nice challenges for the beginner going on intermediate guitarist.
The descending arpeggio during the verse sounds great and is not so hard to play with a little practice - pay attention to your picking hand to pick the right strings and keep in time. After that the main difficulty is in smoothly joining the chord passages and arpeggio sequences during the verses and choruses of the song.

The video lessons below show you how to play each part of the song. Once you've mastered them listen to the original to work out how to chain them together to form the complete song.

Intro & Verse


Marty Schwartz Lesson

Finally, here's an alternative lesson from Marty Schwartz that shows how to simplify the verse part if you can't play bar chords.

I hope you have as much fun with this song as I do.

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