9 April 2010

Guitar Pro 6 Is Launched

Guitar Pro 6 is the sixth version of one of the best guitarists tabbing tools around. The new version makes big improvements to the user interface making it much slicker and easier to use. It also introduces a new sound engine that provides for a much better playback sound.

The new sound engine includes hundreds of electric, acoustic and bass guitar sounds as well as a complete effects chain for individual tracks and the master mix. You can choose from 11 guitar amps, 3 bass amps, 14 distortion pedals, 12 modulation effects, 2 compressors, 2 pitch shifters, 11 filters/EQs/wah, or 3 delay/reverb stomp boxes, all based on famous gear like Cry Baby, Tube Screamer, etc.

Add to this the thousands of existing Guitar Pro tabs you can download from the Internet and you have a great tool for guitar practice. To get an overview of the new look and sounds view the video below from the recent NAMM festival.

Check out Guitar Pro 6 today (if you are already a Guitar Pro 4 or 5 user you can get a discount on the upgrade to Guitar Pro 6).

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Anonymous said...

big improvements to the user interface, but not to the reliability..
files take 10x longer to load than gp5 and often never finish
file conversion from gp5 very poor
sometimes doesnt seem to save view / track settings and keeps resetting to show both notes and tab
some really strange bugs..

Yeah the interface looks more cool and it can sound better in certain circumstances but until it can open a file quickly and reliably... .. well I'm certainly going back to gp5 for the moment

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Jon, Thanks for sharing your experience.

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