19 April 2010

Learn Guitar - How to Keep Motivated

This week Not Playing Guitar is all about how to keep yourself motivated and full of enthusiasm as you learn guitar. I'm convinced that anybody who wants to is able to learn to play guitar and get plenty of satisfaction and enjoyment out of it. The trick is that you simply have to keep going. But many of us run into difficulties along the way, as this excerpt from tomorrow's article puts it:

You choose a long road for yourself when you start to learn guitar. Playing the guitar is a process and as players we evolve constantly. We don’t become good overnight. There are lots of bumps along the way and many times (perhaps even every day?) you may want to abandon the journey.

Now, nobody can remove the bumps from the road as you learn to play, they're part of the process. But this week's articles are going to encourage you and offer ideas to help you avoid demotivation or giving up learning and playing.

Remember, the difference between those who play guitar and those who don't is that the former don't give up. Use the ideas in these articles to become one of them and enjoy playing guitar.

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Photo by Nono Fara.

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