17 May 2010

Free Guitar Fretboard Trainer Software

Here's a free software application you can use to improve your guitar fretboard knowledge.
GuitarCourses.ws, a website directory of guitar courses, offers Fretboard Trainer to teach the basics of fretboard navigation and allow you to practice your skills with and without your guitar.

"Fretboard Trainer incorporates lessons and practice drills to teach crucial skills in navigating the fretboard. Lessons include:

* Open strings
* Root-note shapes
* Naming the notes and two techniques for finding notes
* Major scale patterns
* Natural Minor scale patterns

Each lesson is backed-up with a set of practice exercises so guitarists can keep practicing the skills and patterns learned in the lessons. Answers are entered on a virtual fretboard, allowing guitarists to learn and visualize the patterns properly before reinforcing the knowledge on their guitar."

See Fretboard Trainer in action in the video below.

The GuitarCourses.ws Fretboard Trainer works on Windows PCs from Windows XP SP2 upwards, and is available for free download from: http://www.guitarcourses.ws/fretboardtrainer.html.

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