25 May 2010

Guitar Recording Survey - 22 Days To Go

Time for a short interim report on the guitar recording poll. This survey asks readers what they use to record their guitar practice or playing. Below is a snapshot of the votes so far.

Of the 46 votes so far three clear leaders emerge.
  • 17 voters (36%) use a computer for recording
  • 15 voters (32%) don't record their guitar playing
  • 10 voters (21%) record on a mobile phone or iPhone

For the second group can I suggest a review of 8 Reasons to Record Your Guitar Practice? You might be missing out on something that could help you to improve your guitar playing, and there's still time to change your vote...

The third largest group is a bit of a surprise to me, 10 voters use a mobile phone or iPhone to record their music. Maybe the recent plethora of guitar applications for iPhone has something to do with this?

Traditional dictaphones, tape recorders or digital recorders trail far behind with only a vote or two each.

What about you, have you cast your vote? There are still 22 days left to vote...

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