29 June 2010

Easy Guitar Rhythm Riff On A Major Chord

Here's a simple rhythm guitar riff to play over an open position A major chord. Learning to vary basic strumming patterns by integrating riffs like these into your playing will give you lots of options to create more interesting rhythm guitar parts.

This example uses a few single note lines mixed with the chord strums to create some space and movement.

To get the rhythm placement right make sure you use steady up and down strumming and pick the notes on the down beats with downward pick strokes and up strokes for the notes on the up beats.

Don't strum the notes on the first beat of the second measure, simply let them ring on from the upstroke at the end of the previous measure.

The suggested target tempo for this guitar riff is from 100 to 110 bpm. But if you can only play it at a slower tempo that's fine. Remember to start out slowly and build up speed gradually.

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