2 June 2010

Guitar Pro 6 Reviews Round Up

It's now been a little over a month since the latest version of Guitar Pro was released and I am wondering whether to get the new version myself.

I decided to see how the new version been greeted by users and what teething problems have been discovered or fixed since its release. Here's a summary of what I found people are saying about Guitar Pro 6 around the Net.

User Interface

The new user interface is widely welcomed by practically all reviewers and commenters. The interface is slick and well organized for most common tasks. One reviewer did report that drum track input was harder than before though.

Score Features

Guitar Pro 6 has added a number of new notation features. Included are double accidentals, free-time bars, double-dotting, accented notes, rasgueado, grace notes, ornaments, slash notation...

Score formatting is controlled by a stylesheet, so you can customize appearance of your scores too if you wish to.

RSE Sound

David Boles offers this view on the new sound technology as part of his Guitar Pro 6 review,

"If you do any musical computer work, you’ve been exposed to lots of horrible sounding MIDI instruments and voicings — but with GP6's RSE technology, your ears won’t bleed — because the modeled sound is rich, full and rounded."

Pretty much all reviewers agree that RSE is a strong point.

GP5 Compatibility

One of the main gripes I have seen reported is the lack of backwards compatibility with Guitar Pro 5. This mostly comes from some users of Guitar Pro 5 who feel forced into an upgrade so they can read files from favourite sites distributed only in the new GP6 format.

Others have found that files from older versions of Guitar Pro don't play the same in Guitar Pro 6 and require some tweaking to set volume and sounds.

If you share files with GP5 users then you might want to stick to GP5 until these problems are solved.

Mac Version

Mac users are happy that the new version of Guitar Pro is the first that works well on the Mac. Audiofanzine describes its experience with Guitar Pro 6 on the Mac.

There is more interesting info and comments for Mac users in Ukulele Hunt's review.

Download And Install

A small number of people seem to have had problems downloading and installing the software. But many have commented that the process was easy and trouble free. Difficult to know the real story on that one...

There are conflicting reports too on support from Arobas, the software's developers. Some have reported difficulty in getting response but others have been happy with quick responses and resolution of problems.

In Summary

Most users and reviewers seem to be happy with Guitar Pro 6 and consider it an improvement on the predecessors. The main complaints seen here and there are about reliability and the lack of backwards compatibility with Guitar Pro 5.

But files from newer versions of software often cannot be read by older versions. New features can make this hard (i.e. costly) to achieve, and Guitar Pro 6 is sold for a very low price. Remember too, that there is nothing to stop sites offering lessons and files in both GP5 and GP6 format.

At the end of the day, the upgrade from Guitar Pro 5 to 6 costs less than $30. Compared to the value of the many free, high-quality guitar tabs you can download, view, play or create with it I think it's a price worth paying. I'm going to be getting my copy of Guitar Pro 6 very shortly.

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Escapee said...

Thanks for the insightful review.

Unknown said...

The one downside for me at the moment is that TabToolkit on the iPhone/iPad doesn't read the new gpx format and I can't export back to gp4/5 format from GP6

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Gordon, interesting point, thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Have down loaded guitar Pro 6 to my MAC - cannot get it to launch! Any ideas? Guys at Guitar Pro are USELESS

So at present have wasted my money on this product - HELP

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Dawn, sorry I don't have a Mac, none of the Mac reviews I read mention this problem. Any other readers have this problem?

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