26 July 2010

A Major Chord Easy Guitar Riff

Today is my first post after an excellent summer holiday with the family and I've got a fairly easy rhythm guitar riff in the key of A for you to play. Later this week I'll be introducing you to the ukulele, a great guitar practice tool, and I'll also be starting a series of lessons on double stops for rhythm guitar and solo playing.

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This easy rhythm guitar riff is played on an A major chord. The riff lasts for two bars and can be used to liven up any rhythm guitar accompaniment. If you play a song that has more than two bars of A then you can repeat this riff, or combine it with another such as this Easy Guitar Rhythm Riff On A Major Chord.

Watch out for the hammer-ons and pull-offs in the second bar - pay attention to the timing here, particularly on beat three.

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