15 September 2010

3 Reasons To Visit The Classical Guitar Blog

Christopher Davis offers a great source of information and inspiration on the Classical Guitar Blog. And not just for classical guitar players, many of the tips apply to guitarists of any style. Here are three examples that fall into that category, click the links to visit, learn and enjoy.

Think Ahead Of Your Hands

"One of the biggest problems with shifting I see in my students is inaccuracy. Most times the problem is easily fixed: I tell them not to look at their left hand as it travels, but to look at it where its going."
Think (and Look) Ahead of Your Hands

What Is Discipline?

"Real discipline is not sticking to a practice schedule or spending xx minutes on scales and xx minutes on arpeggios every day."

Click this link to find out why Real Discipline is hard...

Guitar Technique Is Not Rocket Science

"Guitarists No. 1 job: be as lazy as possible, –use as little effort to get the desired results"

Guitar Technique Is Not Rocket Science.

I'm sure you'll enjoy these three tips and there are plenty more. You really should subscribe to the Classical Guitar Blog for regular doses of good advice.

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