13 September 2010

Surround Yourself With Guitar Inspiration

Here's an easy way to keep your guitar playing near the front of your mind if you spend much of your day sitting in front of a computer. Set a guitar image as your PC's Windows desktop image and you'll have all-day-long reminders to practice guitar.

Each time you see the image you'll be reminded of that piece you are working on or the problem you're trying to solve. And you might even be lucky and get an idea that helps when you see your desktop reminder.

Here are some sites where you can download free desktop wallpaper or screen savers with guitar images.

To get more personal reminders that evoke your own projects, practice tasks or problems take some photos of your own and set them as your wallpaper. You might photograph your guitar, your practice space, or maybe the exercises or song you're working on.

You can take this idea further by printing your favourite guitar images on mouse mats, mugs or calendars. Surround yourself with guitar inspiration to boost motivation, increase your practice urge, and stimulate your subconscious to work on problems for you..

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Photo by Sean Rogers 1.

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