15 October 2010

Guitar Bass Runs For Bar Chords Part 3

In the previous parts of this series of guitar lessons on bass runs for bar chords you learned some short bass runs to play over I-IV-V chord progressions. In this lesson I'm going to show you some ways to adapt those to songs at faster tempos.

When things get fast it gets harder to fit in the short one or two beat runs shown in previous posts. And when the runs are played very fast they also don't stand out as much.

So what can you do to make the runs more playable and stand out more when the tempo picks up? The answer is simple, just slow down the runs. So now, without further ado let's take a look at some examples of this.

Example Bass Run #1

The first example bass run, below, uses the same bass runs as the first part of the series, 4 Bass Runs For Bar Chord Progressions. But this time, the bass run rhythm has been changed to give the notes time to be played, and heard.

Example Bass Run #2

This second example shows another way to play a run at higher speed, but keeping with the one or two beats of previous lessons. Again, quarter notes are used for the bass notes.

This run uses G minor pentatonic notes almost exclusively. Only the 2nd on beat three of bar four and the 6th on beat three of bar eight are taken from the G major pentatonic.


Once again a very simple rhythm pattern is proposed in both these examples so you can focus on learning to play the bass runs. But don't forget to try out more rhythm patterns of your own once you feel comfortable fingering the bass runs.

Have fun playing these examples. Next week we'll extend these lessons to some new chord progressions and see more examples that use mixed scales and some harmonized bass runs.

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Read part 1 4 Bass Runs For Bar Chord Progressions and part 2 Bass Runs For Guitar Bar Chords Part 2.

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