20 October 2010

Learn Guitar - Better Bar Chords Video

Right now I'm running a series of posts on enriching barre chord rhythm guitar playing with some bass run patterns to link up the chords. This series is aimed at players who are already reasonably comfortable with barre chords and can play through a chord progression with them.

But if you have tackled bar chords yet, or if you're still struggling with them, the video I'm sharing today should give you some good tips to help you out.

As luck would have it I just learned of this lesson from two of the Internet's most popular guitar teacher's, Griff Hamlin and Marty Schwartz. They've made a video that you should see below, where they share their tips to improve your bar chords.

Keep in mind that all important tip from Marty, "You're never going to get better at bar chords unless you actually practice the bar chord" (03:31).

It might come as a disappointment to you if you're hoping for a quick solution. But to get better sounding bar chords you've got to spend time to play lots of bar chords that suck (I know I played a lot of those those :-)

Take heart though, there are plenty of other good tips about getting your fingers into place.

I hope you enjoyed the video and find it useful. You can learn more about guitar video lessons with Marty or Griff at the links below.

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