25 October 2010

Special Offer On Marty Schwartz Guitar Videos

Anybody who follows this site regularly will have seen guitar lesson videos I've shared from Marty Schwartz before. I really like Marty's style of presenting things clearly, simply and with his off-beat humour.

That's why I thought you might be interested in a special offer on some of Marty's jam tracks and video lessons that I heard of.

As well as the many You Tube videos Marty produces he also offers lots of guitar tuition in on-line and DVD format via his GuitarJamz web site. This site gives you all the best ingredients of Marty's You Tube videos but you can follow the videos in a logical order. You can also order them on DVD & TV rather than your computer.

So, anyway, what I wanted to share with you was this one-week special offer I received. Until Friday 29th October 2010 you can purchase a 5 CD Jam Tracks Super Set at half price. The 5 CDs give you jam tracks for blues, rock, acoustic and jazz for the special price of US $59.97.

Even better, if you take up the offer you'll also get some great bonus DVDs included into the bargain:

  • Guitar Soloing 4 DVD Set - Marty's lessons in the new Guitar Solo 4 DVD Set starts off covering the bedrock of all guitar scales the minor pentatonic series of shapes. It also shows you how to use modes to solo.
  • Best of the Best Guitar Soloing lesson DVD - This DVD is a collection of Marty's highest rated and most compelling lessons detailing how to really solo on the guitar.
The Guitar Soloing 4 DVD Set is currently selling for $64.99 on Marty's site. So that adds up to well over a US$100 saving for you if you take advantage of this offer.

To benefit from the special offer price all you have to do is visit Marty's site via this special link and purchase by Friday, 29th October 2010.

Update: This special offer is now over, but you can still choose from a great selection of video guitar lessons at the regular site page by following this link to GuitarJamz.

Note that if you purchase lessons through the above link I may receive a small commission.

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