1 November 2010

Guitar Master Class Review

In this review I'm going to tell you about Guitar Master Class, an instructional web site and community for guitar players and learners. You'll learn about the features of the web site, a little of its history, information on lessons and pricing, and a review of some lessons I followed on the site.

About Guitar Master Class

Guitar Master Class was founded in March 2006 by professional guitarist and instructor Krostofer Dahl. One of the first lessons ever was Curious Coincidence which became very popular. The site has grown steadily since then and now in 2010 thousands of daily visitors and members follow a large collection of video lessons and take part in the friendly Guitar Master Class community.

Site Features

Guitar Master Class aims to be a real community for guitarists so in addition to video lessons it offers a number of interesting and useful features.

Lick of The Day - a daily guitar lick presented in video and tab format. Complete with a backing track at normal and slow speeds, the scales and theory used, and a guitar tip.

Instructor feedback - record your performance and receive feedback from the instructor, or work with a mentor to receive guidance and a personalised learning programme.

Collaboration - the site offers several ways for members to collaborate. For example, you can join a virtual band or participate in on-line performances.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons on the site are rated by difficulty and organised by style, instructor and level. You can browse the catalogue or search using keywords to find what you're interested in. You can also save bookmarks that make it easy to find favourite lessons or the one you're working on quickly.

My Guitar Lessons Experience

I started my tour of Guitar Master Class with some funk guitar lessons presented by Ivan Milenkovic. Old School Funk Rhythm Guitar shows some 70s style funk riffs. After that one I moved on to try a Modern Funk Rhythm Guitar lesson.

The lessons were fun to learn and showed some really useful licks. Everything was thoroughly explained and clearly presented. I particularly liked the fact that both were accompanied with full tab and backing tracks at various speeds. The lesson page also has a space to save your own practice notes. These extra tools make the lesson player a very well thought out tool.

The Lesson Player

The distinct John Frusciante flavour of the modern funk lesson inspired me to try out a song lesson on the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Californication.

Again the song was very clearly presented. A nice touch was the animated chord diagrams that accompany the videos. These helpful animations made it easy to see the exact fingerings played.

To complete my tour I also tried out an acoustic blues lesson that showed some very convincing delta blues for beginners, and finished with Malaguena, a classical piece. It was nice to see some classical lessons as it's a style often neglected by online guitar
instruction sites.


Subscription to the site costs from US$19 to US$29 per month depending upon the payment options you choose. You can pay by credit card or Paypal. Of course, you can preview the video lessons for free before signing up if you want to see what you're going to get.


Guitar Master Class is a very well put together site. Lessons are high quality and comprehensive with close up step by step video, tabs and backing tracks. It covers a wide range of styles although hard rock and metal music seem to be the best catered for in song lessons.

With its high-quality lessons and interactive community features it will please many guitarists keen to improve their guitar technique.

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