14 December 2010

5 Easy Beginner Guitar Songs With Only 2 Chords

Here are five easy beginner guitar songs that you can play with only 2 chords.

If you’re just starting to learn guitar or you know someone who is, then these easy songs are just the ticket to help you get started playing some real songs quickly.

I know that when you first start out it can feel like an impossible task to master the three or four chords that most songs need. That’s where these easy songs make for a handy stepping stone to give you a smaller target to aim for and keep your motivation up.

These songs are a mix of traditional tunes and rock hits, I hope you’ll find something you enjoy.

Click on the links below to watch a video of the song and learn its chords. You can play all of these with any simple strumming pattern you choose.

1. Oasis – Songbird

A fun and simple song from Manchester rockers Oasis. The video also features my favourite guitar – a Gibson Hummingbird.

2. Donovan – Goldwatch Blues

Psychedelic folk rock from 60s Britain.

3. Joe Cocker – Feelin’ Alright

Unrequited love in only two chords.

4. Traditional - Hush Little Baby

An easy lullaby with a lovely melody that everybody knows.

5. Jonathon Richman – Roadrunner

The “most magical song in existence”? Some people think so.

If you’re just beginning to learn to play guitar look out for more easy two-chord songs to build your repertoire. My list of 85 two-chord guitar songs is a good place to find some more.


Anonymous said...

The Gallagher Bros will have you for saying that they are Scousers pal.

Gary Fletcher said...

Oops! Fixed.

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