10 December 2010

Guitar Christmas Gift Ideas #1 - 2011 Calendars

It's that time of year when us guitar players are all dreaming of a Christmas tree surrounded by great guitar presents. And (we hope) our non-guitar playing friends are looking for the perfect guitarist’s gift to offer us.


To help them out over the coming days Not Playing Guitar is sharing a few ideas on perfect Christmas gifts for guitar players to suit all budgets.

Today's gift idea for the guitarist in your life is a 2011 guitar wall calendar. A calendar is a gift that can help and please the guitarist in your life in at least three ways.

1. Boosts Motivation


It keeps a prominent reminder of their favourite instrument within sight to give their practice urge a daily boost.

2. Keeps Music In Mind


Keep them thinking about the music they’re learning and playing throughout the day. The constant reminder will be a source of new musical ideas or the inspiration for answers to playing problems they’re working on.

3. Dream And Enjoy


You might not be able to offer them that custom Gibson or Fender guitar they dream of, but they can admire one every day on their wall calendar.


That’s three good reasons why your significant guitarist will enjoy a guitar calendar under the Christmas tree.


And if you’re looking for another reason, well, it’s not guaranteed but they might just think about you too each time they look at the calendar you bought them…

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