15 December 2010

Guitar Picking Exercises Part 5 – Crazy Wide String Skipping

In the final part of this series of picking exercises we’re going to look at some exercises that will have you jumping all over your guitar strings.


In earlier parts of the series you’ve worked through different alternate picking exercises. Picking notes on the same strings, picking notes on adjacent strings, skipping across strings, and exercise patterns that pick their way right across the fretboard.


This set of exercises takes things a step further giving your pick more of a challenge. As you’ll see in the tab below the series of exercises involves skipping across several strings in one go… and skipping back again.


Guitar Picking Exercises


I find it’s a real challenge to work on patterns like these. You can make up many more quite easily. But ensure that you work to a pre-defined pattern that you must play accurately, in rhythm and with correct timing.


If you just make up the pattern as you go along you could be tempted to cheat yourself and pass off your mistakes as improvisation.


Not that improvisation is a bad thing, but if your goal is to improve your picking accuracy and speed then you must have a clear target to aim for so you can evaluate how you did and measure your progress.


Work through these example patterns until you can pick them smoothly and in time with no mistakes. Start out at a moderate or slow tempo and increase speed gradually, take the time to master each tempo before speeding up some more.


A few minutes pick of exercise in your daily guitar practice routine is a good way to develop and maintain accurate and fast picking skills. Use and build on the ideas in this series to create your very own routine and become the picker you’d love to be.


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