10 January 2011

Can You Learn How To Play Guitar In 15 Minutes A Day?

A lot of people I come into contact with say they would like to learn to play guitar. But many of them are put off by the amount of time they think has to be invested.


It's true that learning to play guitar requires regular practice. It's not the kind of thing you can just go out and do one Saturday a month when you feel like it. But do you really have to spend hours every day to become good at it? Could you learn to play or improve if you have only a very small amount of time, say 15 minutes per day?


I believe that you can, if you follow three simple rules.


Rule #1 Don't play the same things over again

I'd hate to count the number of hours I have spent during the years playing the same pieces over and over again. Sometimes I've done this to try and perfect something. Other times I've done it just out of boredom, lack of attention, or just not deciding what to do next.


The trouble is, when you do the same things you get only the same results. That time spent perfecting an exercise is rarely time well spent, beyond a certain point you don't get much better at playing it.


However, if I move on and play some other exercises for a while, then come back to it, I'm often amazed how much better I got while doing something else.


If you want to improve your playing then don't keep repeating the same exercises until they're completely perfect. Work them until they're good enough and then move on to a new challenge to push your comfort zone.


Rule #2 Organize Your Practice Time

If you want to avoid playing the same things over because you don't know what to do next then you need to invest time to organize your guitar practice.


Your aim should be to always have some useful new exercises and songs to practice. By useful, I mean songs and exercises that give you some challenge that keeps you on a path to improvement.


If you're lucky enough to have a good teacher then they can provide you with this. But if you're learning on your own then please set aside some time to organize things for yourself. You can follow a structured plan via a book or video course or you can work out some exercises for yourself when you have enough knowledge. Hint: take an exercise from a book or video and alter it to make up a new one.


Rule #3 Keep The Long Term In Mind

If you practice 15 minutes per day then you will probably not see spectacular results on a day to day, or even week to week, basis. It's easy to become discouraged.


But if you can maintain your motivation and practice regularly then you'll be a whole different kind of guitar player after a period of months or years.

Learn Guitar In Only 15 Minutes A Day

My experience has shown me that it really is possible to learn guitar and improve with only a small amount of daily practice. Apply these three rules as you learn guitar and you could progress more than you imagine in only 15 minutes a day.


  • Rule #1 Don't play the same things over again
  • Rule #2 Organize Your Practice Time
  • Rule #3 Keep The Long Term In Mind

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Jonathan Merrell said...

I am practicing right now as a very new beginner. I am using Hal Leonard's Guitar Method: Book 1. I an going to school and raising a family and was wondering 15 minutes a day really would be effective in learning the guitar. Thank you for your input and advice and the topic! It greatly helped encourage me to keep going!

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