19 January 2011

Can You Practice Guitar In 5 Minutes?

5clockYou can practice guitar in 5 minutes. I do it all the time. Here's how you do it:

  1. Know what you'll work on without having to look it up or think about it
  2. Make sure your guitar is handy at all times
  3. Make sure any sheet music or other materials you need are ready at all times
  4. Don't worry about being perfect
  5. Don't be complete, just do whatever fits in the five minutes

With a little organization you can be ready to exploit any five spare minutes you get to improve your guitar playing.

In my experience, a bunch of those little five minutes can add up to a lot of useful practice, practice that I wouldn't have got if I waited for more time to do it.

This is based on something Michael Martine mentioned in his post on how to write a blog post in 5 minutes.

Photo by blue2likeyou.

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