17 January 2011

What’s Your Favourite Beatles Riff?

A I was preparing to eat lunch today I looked for a little music to accompany my51mD1oYFfoL._SL160_ meal. After a quick shuffle through my CD collection I settled on The Beatles’ 1962-1966 Red Album, disc II. 


As the hits played away I was amazed, as always, at how modern these songs sound almost fifty years after they were recorded.


I never listened to The Beatles growing up, they were an “old” group for kids of my generation then. But later as I learned to play guitar, I was introduced to their songs and music by friends I played and learned with.


Since then I got myself a couple of discs and I always find something interesting to learn in their music: interesting chord progressions, powerful vocal harmonies, unusual instrumentations, great sounding arrangements…


I find it surprising that in those far off days with no digital recording studios, no Internet and far fewer TV and radio programmes these recordings incorporate so many diverse ingredients.


The music is also full of plenty of great guitar riffs too. Always used to support the songs with great taste. A couple of my own favourites are the deceptively simple, yet distinctive and catchy riffs of Day Tripper and In My Life.


What about you, use a comment to tell us your favourite Beatles' guitar riff…?


Bruce said...

1. George v John solos in Let it Be
1. Intro to Day Tripper
2. Intro to Revolution

Unknown said...

Ha! Growing up, I thought The Beatles were for "old" people. But oddly enough "Helter Skelter" got me into The Hives and some 80's punk bands. Great riff!
And "Hey Bulldog" is lots of fun too.

Side note, just found your blog! Awesome stuff here! I'll def be going back through picking out lessons.

rdsmith3 said...

"I Feel Fine"


Anonymous said...

Here Comes The Sun, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, and Taxman

Unknown said...

I love the riff of "I feel fine"

a progressive crank said...

What, no love for Paperback Writer or Back in the USSR with that faux balalaika solo?

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