14 February 2011

5 Acoustic Guitar Love Songs For Your Valentine

Today is St. Valentine’s day, and what better way to get close to your loved one than with a romantic acoustic guitar song. Here’s a selection of five easy to play love songs for you to choose from. You only need three or four chords so if you hurry there’s time to learn one before this evening.

1. Stand By Me, Ben E. King
Four chords are all you need for this 1960s ballad, A, F#m, D, E.
Click here for tab from Ultimate Guitar.

2. Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
A little more complicated, you’ll need 6 chords for this Clapton hit, G, D, D/F# C, B, Em.
Click here for tab from Ultimate Guitar.

3. Colours, Donovan
An easy to play love song from 1960s folk star Donovan, D, G, A7.
Click here for tab from Ultimate Guitar.

4. All I Want Is You, U2
Another easy three chord song, you can play with or without the capo, G, C, Em.
Click here for tab from Ultimate Guitar.

5. Every Breath You Take, The Police
More of a challenge with this song that requires no less than 8 chords, this time it’s A, F#, D, E, C, B, F, G.
Click here for tab from Ultimate Guitar.

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Photo by Quinn.Anya.


Backing tracks said...

Great songs for valentine

Gary Fletcher said...

Thanks Backing tracks. Interesting looking tool you have there.

mandolin picks said...

Songs have been connecting so many lovers for such a long time. The songs you have picked are such classics! They are especially good when this season of love comes in. Indeed, surprising your loved one with a guitar, using your lucky pick, and a bit of courage would hopefully bring you guys closer. Good luck to all the lovers out there!

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