11 February 2011

Confessions Of A Tab Addict

How many files or pages of unplayed guitar tab do you have laying around on your computer's hard disk or in your book shelves?gtab
I have a lot of this clutter laying around that I've gathered over the years. Songs or exercises that looked like a great idea at the time. But after downloading them and filing them away they never got played, or were played a couple of times but abandoned because of their difficulty.
The point is, it's much easier to find and download a tab file than it is to learn how to play it well. To play it well you need to plan how to approach it and spend time and effort to practice your way through the hard parts.
So this year, I'm going to make two changes:

  1. I'll spend less time searching for and downloading new tab files and spend more of that time practicing the ones I have already.
  2. I'll use my ears more to figure out the guitar parts I want to play instead of just looking for the tab.
What about you, do you have more tab than you can play laying around? Let us know in the comments.

Photo by Richard 'Tenspeed' Heaven.


Anonymous said...

Guilty, Same here.

Leslie said...

Me, too! Good advice . . . I'll try that. Plus I need to practice my fingerpicking because I'm not good at that. There's no end to the learnin'!

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