7 February 2011

Learn Drop D Tuning With The Beatles

My guitar playing and blogging has been out of action for most of the past two weeks thanks to a heavy bout of flu. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things learning to play Come Together, by The Beatles.


You can learn to play this song easily thanks to the video lesson from Marty Schwartz below. The song is played using drop D tuning. Drop D is an easy way to start experimenting with alternative tuning and is lots of fun to play with for bluesy tunes in the key of D. You can also use it with a capo to play in other keys such a E or F.


To tune your guitar to drop D simply lower the 6th string until it sounds like the D note on the open 4th string. It’s quite easy to do it by ear.



If you’re not familiar with the song Come Together listen to the second video below to hear it.


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easy guitar songs said...

I'm an avid fan of Beatles and I want to play some of their songs. Good thing you post a video tutorial here.

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