18 February 2011

What Are Your Guitar Chord Questions?

March is going to be guitar chords month on Not Playing Guitar. Over the course of the month you'll find posts covering different types of chords and offering tips on how to go about learning and using them. To make these posts as useful and relevant as possible I'd like to hear from you. What kind of guitar chord information would you like to see covered here on Not Playing Guitar?

Here are a few questions to help stimulate your ideas...


  • What are your guitar chord goals?


  • What kind of chords are you interested in learning about?


  • What are your guitar chord challenges or problems?


  • What would you like to achieve with guitar chord playing?


Please use the comments link below to leave your questions, problems and suggestions. I'll try to address as many of them as I can during March's "Guitar Chords Month".


mickpipeco said...

I would like to see diads, triads, caged chords, for major, minor, dom7th, maj7th, min7th, sus2, sus4, add2, add4 chord diagrams in all positions.
I would also like to see some sort of practice routine for practicing chords.
I think your lessons are great, btw. Please keep it up!

Gabriel said...

Hi Gary,
I developed a free software for guitar and bass players, with reference, exercises and various tools. Great to accompany these lessons. I invite you and your readers to check it out at:


Best regards,
Gabriel Fernandez

Gary Fletcher said...

@mikepipeco - Great input, that gives us plenty to learn about already. Do you already know anything about those kind of chords? If so, what have you tried already?

I'll give you a practice routine for chords. How do you practice them usually?

Gary Fletcher said...

@Gabriel - I'll give it a try.

Leslie said...

Am I too late? Some chords I see appear to require finger spreads that look anatomically impossible. I keep thinking that my pinky is unusually short. Any tips? Keep practicing and it will come some day?


Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Leslie, It's never too late, and I must admit I'm behind schedule on this topic (had some Internet access trouble recently).

I think we all experience anatomically impossible seeming chords. In my experience I've learned some of them (yes, time and practice), but then there are always new ones that are even more impossible :-)

I can suggest an exercise that will help you evaluate and improve your finger stretch. Click here to read it. If you can stretch across four frets at the head of the neck I think your pinky is fine. If not, practice the exercise further up the neck where there's less stretch and gradually work your way down.

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