16 May 2011

Fingerstyle Guitar Workshop

401965129_056cdc77fdHere's an interesting guitar event for readers who will be in the UK this July.


American fingerstyle jazz guitarist Duck Baker and acoustic blues guitarist Woody Mann are giving an American Roots Guitar Workshop in Salisbury, UK, on the weekend of 1st to 3rd July 2011.

Woody Mann and Duck Baker are both internationally known through their touring, recordings, books, and instructional DVD’s. Their music covers a wide spectrum of styles and sounds and both have been teaching guitar workshops throughout the world for over two decades.


The workshop will cover the styles and playing techniques of country blues,ragtime, gospel and swing guitar as well as fingerstyle arrangements of Irish tunes, with the emphasis on learning new repertoire. You’ll get to work on guitar techniques of guys like Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Blake, Skip James, Lonnie Johnson and Robert Johnson.


As described by Duck Baker, “Our goal is to create a relaxed non-competitive workshop environment where everyone from beginning students to advanced players will be able to focus in on ways to further their music, understand their craft.”


To learn more about the workshop and find out how to participate visit the fingerstyle guitar workshop information page on Duck Baker’s web site.


Photo by Brian Finifter.

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