23 May 2011

Learning Blues Guitar Licks

Last week I wrote about 3 things I struggle with in my blues guitar playing. In summary:

1. Develop a vocabulary of blues guitar licks and use them to build solos

2. Master blues guitar rhythm styles in different keys

3. Learn to play a half-dozen blues songs by heart


Since then I’ve been researching a few tools that could help me and I’ve chosen one to help me work on my blues guitar licks.


I’ve decided to focus on blues licks vocabulary and soloing to start with to be sure I have enough time to work on it properly. I aim to master each of these three things well so I don’t want to spread my efforts too thin and mess them all up.


Blues Licks and Solos DVD

The Blues Licks And Solos DVD by Jody Worrell is published by Watch and Learn. It looks like it’s just the thing I need.


This DVD and book package teaches 12 blues guitar solos over 6 songs in different styles. From the sample pages of the accompanying book it looks like there are three licks taught for each solo. Then the licks are put together to make up the whole guitar solo.


It looks like a great way to pick up some genuine blues sounding blues licks. Have a look at the sample video below for a better idea. I’ll be following up later with a review. Be sure to sign up for updates if you want to learn how I get on with it.

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