15 June 2011

How To Play Acoustic Guitar Slaps

Percussive techniques such as slapping the strings are an excellent way to develop your acoustic guitar sound. You can spruce up simple open chord songs with a whole assortment of sounds. Combine chord slapping and other percussion techniques with strumming or finger picking guitar styles and take your sound to a new level.


Slaps and other percussive techniques can be played with normal open chords, so they are a great way for a beginner to develop a more interesting sound. Here are a couple of different ways you can play slapping techniques.


Thumb Slaps

Use the side of your thumb to slap down on the strings from the bass end towards the high strings. You should aim to slap the strings with your thumb and drag it across two, three or four of them simultaneously in a downward movement.


Finger Slaps

Another slapping technique is to curl your finger tips and thumb in towards your palm and slap down onto the strings with the knuckles of your fingers and your nails. Your hand should be in a loose fist shape, kind of similar to when you hold a pen.


You can use different parts of the fingers to get different sounds out of the guitar as you slap. Experiment to find the part of your hand that is comfortable and makes the sound you want.


A Video Demonstration

These techniques and a few others are demonstrated in the intermediate acoustic guitar lesson video below (click here to view the video on the site if you’re reading this in an email).


As well as rhythmic slapping techniques you’ll also see how to do tap harmonics, finger strumming and chord pull offs. All with easy open Em Asus2 Cmaj7 chords.



Thanks to Next Level Guitar for this video.

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