13 June 2011

iGTR Pocket Guitar Practice Amplifier

Here at Not Playing Guitar I'm always on the lookout for interesting accessories to help make it easier and faster to start guitar practice. It's simple, the easier and faster you can start guitar practice, the more you'll do.

I recently came across the iGTR Personal Guitar Processor that fits right into this category. Here is a short introduction that tells you what this handy guitar practice tool can do.

iGTR is a pocket sized amplifier for electric guitar with headphone outputs. The interesting thing about this pocket amplifier are the sound controls it offers and the ability to plug two instruments together to practice or jam with a friend.

Sound Controls

The iGTR offers three controls you can use to shape your guitar sound.

1. Amp type - you can choose a bright, normal, or warm sound. An associated gain control lets you choose between a clean sound or add as much distortion as you want.

2. A modulation effect control that lets you choose between a phaser, tremolo or auto-wah. Again, a simple dial lets you dose the amount of the effect.

3. An ambience control with its by now familiar dial lets you blend some reverb, delay, or chorus to your sound.

By all accounts the iGTR seems to have a good sound quality for a small practice amp. You can find some demos and reviews on YouTube to check this for yourself.

Playing Together

The iGTR has the usual audio input jack so you can plug in an mp3 or CD player.

What sets the iGTR apart is the two headphone outputs it offers. These are designed so you that two guitar players can each send one of their audio outputs into the other’s audio input, then jam away with each other all within their headphones. I think this is a really good idea.


Overall the iGTR looks like a very interesting accessory if you're looking for a small and portable headphone practice amp. And it's low price certainly makes it a good contender.

If you’re looking for a portable practice amplifier it’s certainly worth testing the iGTR. You might also like to compare it to the Vox AmPlug models.

Click here to visit the iGTR product page and get more info.

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