3 June 2011

Today’s Guitar Practice Tip: Schedule Your Practice

How many time have you fallen short of your guitar practice plan?


Plenty, if you’re like me. I’d tell myself I'd practice five times this week, or every day this week. But I didn’t really decide just when I'd do this.

And guess what happened? On the first day I’d start a few chores. When I got finished it was too late for guitar practice. The next day there’d be something irresistible on the TV.

Two days from the end of the week I’d still have five practice sessions left to do. I’d cram in a couple of sessions before the end of the week but not cover everything I planned - too busy this week, next week will be better...


But then I got wise. I learned that you have to schedule your guitar practice.

Choose Your Time

I’ve found that deciding upon the exact days and times when I’ll practice guitar is essential if I want to make any progress.


Now I'm not suggesting you have to plan your every minute of your day and week and follow your plans with military precision. But you do have to get specific about when you will practice, and respect that engagement with yourself like you would a business meeting.


Decide on your practice times and write an appointment in your calendar or set an appointment in your smartphone.


Don’t Use A Calendar?

If you don’t habitually use a calendar then set your practice time at a specific, unambiguous moment of your day. For example, when you get home from work, right after dinner, after your morning shower, or after you've walked the dog. Whatever works for you, as long as it is specific.

However you choose to schedule your practice session, do it precisely. “In the evening” is not precise enough. It leaves room for other things to creep in and take the place of your guitar practice. Before you know it the evening has gone by, you’re tired and it’s time for bed, and your guitar remains untouched.


You don't have to schedule a practice session every day either. Be realistic. If you practice only three times per week then schedule your guitar practice on three specific days and times when you will do it.

Schedule It. Do It

Schedule your guitar practice, and commit to your schedule, and you’ll get your guitar practice plan done more often. If you can apply this tip then you’ll banish those wasted weeks forever.

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CP said...

I think the best way is to form a habit and to have a ritual. Every morning when I finish breakfast, I grab my guitar and I play for half an hour. Now it's like an addiction :-)

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