6 July 2011

Beginner Chord Progression

Today’s exercise is a four-chord progression in the key of C major. The first three chords should be fairly easy for beginner guitar players. The last chord is an F major that might be a little harder for beginner’s to play, but you’ll learn a position that doesn’t require an F bar chord.


The progression uses the I-ii-V-IV chords, respectively C, Dm, G and F in the key of C. Take a look at the progression below, you’ll find the chord shapes and some playing notes below.











The Chord Shapes

The diagrams below show suggested fingerings for the C, Dm, G and F chords.


I’ve chosen a fingering that doesn’t require a bar for the F chord. This shape is easier for less experienced guitarists but I also like to use it when playing acoustic guitar because it’s less tiring than a bar chord. Lean your first finger down slightly to block the first string. If you want you can use the F bar chord shape instead to play this chord.





Seattle Guitar Lessons said...

I can't think of any exact matches for that progression. The closest in my records are Currington's "I Got a Feelin'" (I ii IV V), Bowie's "Young Americans" (I ii IV V), "Run-Around" (I IV ii V), "All Star" (verse: I V ii IV). See Pop Chord Progressions.

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Joe, I didn't have a song in mind with that one. Just made a twist on a I-ii-IV-V.

Nice work on the progressions chart. It's a good idea.

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