11 July 2011

Comparison of Guitar Practice Amps

I am looking for a small practice amp for electric guitar. I’ve been comparing some models including the Roland Cube and Fender Mustang series and came across this helpful series of videos produced by Anderton’s Music that compares these two amps as well as similar modelling amps from Vox and Line 6.


Part One

Part one pits the Fender Mustang II 40W against a Roland Cube 40XL.



Part Two

In part two the Vox VT40+ and the Line6 Spider IV 30 battle it out. You also get to discover the final verdict…



Special Bonus Part Three

If you’re interested in a simpler amp with less extra features, this special bonus video shows the Blackstar HT1 1W tube amp, a small tube amp designed for home practice.


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