8 July 2011

On Being A Band Member

"People have been after me for a long time to do another solo album, but I don’t care about being center stage. That’s not my goal. I’m a band member; always been a band member." -- Steve Cropper


I’ve been an admirer of Steve Cropper for a long time. You see, I’m not one of those flashy lead guitar type guys; I love to play rhythm guitar.image


For me, there’s nothing better than laying down a solid rhythm track to give drive and energy to a song. There are several great players out there who were masters in that art. The regretted Cornell Dupree was one of my heroes, and Steve Cropper’s work with numerous artists at Stax Records is another inspiration.


Being a band member means knowing how to fit into a group context. Yes, music really is a team sport. Keep that in mind and turn your amp down a little, cut back on those solos, and leave room for your fellow musicians.


If you’d like to read the rest of Gibson’s interview with Steve Cropper then click here.


Photo by Jsome1.

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