13 July 2011

You Rock Guitar – When Your Guitar Teaches You How To Play

A little while ago I wrote about how the guitar of the future might integrate electronics to open new possibilities for our favourite instrument. I recently discovered an interesting new guitar that has already taken several steps into the future. Read on to discover the You Rock Guitar, among its many talents it can help you learn to play better.


You Rock Guitarimage

You Rock Guitar is a MIDI controller guitar with a built-in synthesizer and learning features. It is made easily portable by a clip-on neck design and the instruments body is smaller than a normal guitar. You should be able to fit it easily into a travel bag.


MIDI Sound

With its MIDI sound it can produce sounds of different kinds of electric or acoustic guitars. But that’s not all, it also has 50 quality samples of piano, synths and strings and you can download additional samples or create and save your own sounds. That definitely opens up some creative possibilities.


The You Rock Guitar will also play backing tracks for you to jam along with. A useful feature for learning guitar or one-man bands.


With all those different sounds and a built-in recorder to capture what you play it also makes for a handy tool for coming up with musical ideas that you won’t lose.


Touch Sensitive Fingerboard

The guitar works with a touch sensitive fingerboard that has real frets and string guides. There are strings at the body of the guitar that you strum or pick just like a real guitar.


The neck doesn’t seem to allow bend techniques so it may not be for you bluesmen out there. You can play slides and tapping techniques though.


Learn From Your Mistakes

One cool feature for learning is a mode that will give you real-time feedback when you make a mistake. The guitar plays a clunky sound, that sounds kind of like a hoarse dog’s bark, instead of the actual note.


And of course, you can analyse the guitar’s recording of your playing to see how you did and identify recurring problems or weaknesses to work on.



You Rock Guitar doesn’t look and feel exactly like a traditional guitar. But I’m sure it’s small size and ease of playing will appeal to many, especially gamers who seem to be one of the primary targets for this instrument. It will also appeal to MIDI fans and composers for whom it can be a fun tool for creating music.


It definitely opens intriguing possibilities for guitar music making of the future. It’s learning features could help to identify and correct weaknesses in your playing and let you know when you’re improving them.



Learn more at the You Rock Guitar web site. There are some demo videos that show off the guitar’s capabilities very well.

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