2 September 2011

3 Blues Guitar Playing Tips

I spent some time this summer choosing an electric guitar. One of the models I looked at was the Fender Telecaster Blacktop HH, which is nicely presented in this video.

I didn't end up buying that guitar, but I do still remember the comments from the uploader, FirstBassman13, in which he passed on some tips on playing blues guitar. Now it's my turn to pass them on to you...

"I will, however, pass on a couple of great blues playing tips from the superb guitar player Geoff Achison:

- Play with feeling, tell a story

- Play slower

- Play fewer notes"

I couldn't verify if Geoff Achison actually gave these tips or in what context. But I did discover that Geoff is a really good blues guitarist from Australia. I'm sure he would agree with those tips and I'm sure they're a good thing to keep in mind for those of us who want to play great blues guitar.

To learn more about Geoff Achison and hear him in action visit the links below.


Scott said...

And solid advice that was. Playing the blues is like talking to someone. Ever had someone ramble on about nothing at a 100 mph? You stop listening. Space creates interest and slow well thought out phrases make things interesting.

guitar picks said...

These are great information for playing the blues guitar. These techniques are surely helpful in enhancing our skill in playing this guitar type. Thanks for sharing.

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