30 September 2011

Are You Up to the Hump Day Challenge?

This Friday it’s time for a challenge. If you’re feeling up to it, then I’d like to invite you to accept the Hump Day Guitar Challenge, courtesy of Fretterverse. Here’s some fighting talk to get you in the mood…

“That’s right, slackers. Today is the Hump Day Challenge. There are no excuses, no reasons why you can’t, no if’s, and’s, or but’s. Today is going to make you a better guitar player. If for nothing else because you got off your butt and put in the work. I am a firm believer that you make the most progress when you are the least motivated but show up and put in the time anyway. The gains may not show up immediately, but they have been made and you know you feel better having done the work when it’s over.”


If you accept the challenge then your task is to accomplish three guitar practice tasks in the two days left until during the weekend (OK, so it’s not really Wednesday, but as any good slacker knows, if you have until the weekend to do it then you can wait until Friday to get started).


So, what exactly are these practice tasks? Here’s a very brief overview, to get the full story you’ll have to visit the original post.


1. Chord inversions drill

First task is to play some chord inversions. Yeah, but not the ones you have in mind.

2. Learn an 8 bar solo

But not just any 8 bar solo:

You’re not allowed to use your index finger.

That’s right. No 1st finger allowed! You have to learn the entire eight bar solo using only your middle, ring, and pinky fingers.”




3. Rhythms

The last task is about rhythms, but you'll have to click here to visit Fretterverse and find out what rhythms.


Thanks Josh for these challenging practice ideas. OK, time for us “slackers” to get with it….


txutxi said...


Just wanted to say thank you for the challenge! OK, I didn't actually do YOUR challenge, I made up my own.

Here were my three steps:

1. Take guitar out of case.
2. Look for guitar tuner, don't find it and go buy another one.
3. Actually play something on my guitar!

And I did it all! Thanks again!

Gary Fletcher said...

@txutxi, Congratulations. Sounds like a good challenge you found for yourself. Now you just have to make up another for next week... ;-)

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