23 September 2011

Friday Fun - What’s Your Blues Name?

Ever get stuck looking for a great stage name for yourself or your band?


Here’s a fun tool that will help you find a great name for your band, whether it’s a blues band or not.


A few of my favourite band names suggested by “What’s Your Blues Name?”…


  • The Mean Cadillacs
  • The Tonedead Voodoo Kickers
  • The Sleepin’ Broke Devils


Check it out for yourself at http://www.wardguitars.com/BluesName.html


Gary "Soul Slowhand" Slim


Mari Lee said...

Clicking "Random article" on Wikipedia is a great way to name your band, also!

I got Flash Gordon Pinball, Metamorfopsia and Trafalgar, Indiana

Gary Fletcher said...

Hey, nice idea Mari Lee. Thanks for sharing it.

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