12 September 2011

Guitar Player Interviews Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy is 75 years old, but still comes across in fine form in his recent interview at Guitar Player magazine.

Buddy shares two tips that could be interesting to apply to your blues guitar playing.

"IF YOU’RE GOING TO PLAY THE DAMN THING, PLAY IT LIKE it’s never been played before—or don’t play it at all,"

And in response to a question about his solo on the song 74 Years Young from his latest album Living Proof, Buddy reveals his approach to starting a blues solo,

"When you start rolling tape on me and I get a chance to do what I did on “74 Years Young,” I’m thinking like a racehorse. I can’t wait till you let me come in that gate. Some racehorses get you later, but I’m the kind who believes the chance to get you is right now. So, when the record begins—just like the opening gate on the racetrack—I’m saying to myself, “I’m going to bust out of that gate like I’ve never busted out before!”"

I've always been more of a start it slow and relaxed type of guy, but that's my character. Maybe I should try thinking like a racehorse sometimes to shake things up a bit. Anyhow, if I can still be playing racehorse blues guitar at 75 years old I'll be happy...

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