7 October 2011

Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs application

I discovered a recent iPhone & iPad guitar app that looks interesting. Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs is a tab viewer and playback app with access to fully-licensed guitar tabs.

Here are a few highlights from the feature list...

  • Automated tablature playback with adjustable tempo
  • Ability to set loop points- to practice and repeat difficult measures
  • In-song, context sensitive chords and effects library
  • Embedded browser to allow tab download straight from the net.
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Expert tab selection in the song store
  • Multi track song support with selectable tracks
  • Music can rendered in either Tab notation, or musical notation, or both simultaneously (in the iPad version)

A limited free version of the app is available so you can try it out. Pocket Jamz GuitarTabs Lite offers a fully-featured tab player, song store and song library as well as limited download/upload capabilities. You can download the feature-limited Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs Lite from the App Store.

I don't have an iPhone so I haven't tested the app myself, but it looks nice. If you have tested this app and want to share your experience please use the comments link below.


For more info visit Pocket Jamz Guitar Tabs web site.

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