21 November 2011

Marty Schwartz’s Guitar Coaching Club 50% Off Special

Here’s a short post for today to bring you news of a very special offer to get Marty Schwartz’s “The Guitar Coaching Club” at a special sale price of 50% off from now until 27th November 2011. Update: The sale offer has been extended to the 4th December 2011 - you still have a couple more days to get in if you click here.image

The Guitar Coaching Club includes a ton of guitar tuition:

  • Lifetime membership of Marty’s GuitarJamz site,
  • 60 guitar lesson DVD's,
  • Lifetime delivery of all of Marty’s future guitar DVD's,
  • Bonus jam track CD's,
  • 6 bonus guitar ebooks,
  • Plus member's only access to Marty’s exclusive guitar forum.

If you enjoy Marty’s YouTube videos or DVDs already then you’ll know his guitar lessons are fun and packed with useful instruction. This offer is the chance to get a whole lot of Marty’s teaching – enough to keep you busy for years – for an unbeatable price.

Click here to get full details of the content of The Guitar Coaching Club and this special offer from Marty’s web site.

Please note that I may receive a commission if you choose to purchase from Marty’s site after following this link.


JP said...

Anyone already got this? Really interested but want to know if its definately worth it.

Gary Fletcher said...

Hi JP, I already have GuitarJamz membership and I find the lessons really useful (I'll have a review coming out shortly). I think the Guitar Coaching Club is great value if you are interested in a number of the DVDs (you can see the full list on the site). Compare the offer price with the price of the DVDs you'd like - and you get all the other stuff thrown in for little more or nothing. If you really only want one DVD then the whole pack is probably not worth the extra cost.

timallums said...

I don't have the guitar coaching club membership, but I do have Marty's Blues Domination DVD set. I really like Marty's teaching style and I have progressed quite a bit all thanks to Marty.

If you make a promise to yourself to actually watch the DVDs and practice, it will be worth the investment. I highly recommend Marty's DVDs. You will only get so far with only watching vids on youtube.

I'm very tempted to jump in for the full coaching club membership, but I have already spent my guitar budget for the year!

Tim Allums <><

timallums said...

I have Marty's Blues Domination DVD set. Well worth every penny (that is, if you actually put forth the effort to play/practice everyday).

I am very tempted to go all-in for teh Guitar Coaching Club, but I have already spent my guitar budget for the year!

Tim Allums <><

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